Cool Hipster Snake Sports Sunglasses And A Mustache

This snake is way cooler than any of us.

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He was cool before cool was cool. Via Texas State Parks/Twitter
Cari Jorgensen

There’s this state park in Texas that you’ve probably never heard of. It’s totally underground and you have to be “in the know.” Like this western rat snake who lives there. He’s been wearing big black sunglasses and sporting a mustache since birth, so, you know, before anybody else ever even thought of it.

The serpentine hipster was spotted out in the wild, no doubt on his way to an organic-gluten-free bistro that serves the best kale smoothies. We’re guessing he was going there to work on his screenplay. Karlie Gray was the lucky one to have seen the snake and she shared the photos with Texas State Parks, who then posted the images on Twitter.

Stay cool, hipster snake. Never lose those sunglasses and mustache.

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