Cool Cat Products: Phone Covers

Show your cat style with these smartphone covers that sport cats.

Phone cases. If you want your smartphone to last the year – OK, the month – they’re a necessity. I’ve always gone for boring old black to match the color of my iPhone in an effort to avoid having to consider my wardrobe colors.

But after doing some digging around, it seems color is only half the battle. There’s an entire universe of cat-themed phone cases I’ve been missing out on – from Etsy, to Zazzle to Amazon even. And while many of the designs were relatively expected, several trends took me by surprise. I wonder if they will you as well!

Note: The following are a mere sampling of each case genre. Many more cat phone cases abound.

kittens phone
Kittens: Adorable. Who can resist, really? Although I’d hate to see anyone over the age of 16 sporting one. I understand “young at heart,” and everything but let’s be real.

pizza cat phone case
Pizza Cats: Now here’s a trend I never ever would have guessed existed. And I just cannot wrap my head around how something like this got started unless it involved college kids and little you-know-what. I like pizza. I like cats. But let’s do me a favor and keep the two separate, OK?

Celebrity Cat Phones
Celebrity Cats:  Not a big surprise, though I think picking one of these phone cases would put you distinctly in the camp of one famous cat, potentially pitting you against fans of rival famous cats. Kind of a Team Edward, Team Jacob kind of thing.

hipster cat phone case
Hipster Cats: I got a kick out of these. Maybe it’s because I live in Manhattan and we are forever giving Brooklynites a hard time about being “hipsters.” I found these to be pretty original and fun(ny).

cat moustache case
Moustache Cats: I’m not sure if this trend originated with Hamilton the Hipster Cat, but I do think they’re rather cute. Especially that white cat – ha! 

laser cat eye
Laser Eyes: OK, I’ve seen a T-shirt with a similar design, but never in my wildest dreams did I think there would be so many variations on a theme when it came to phone cases. I don’t get it. Do they have super powers these cats? Did they play with the laser pointer too much?

At the end of the day, while so many of these cat cases are indisputably cute, I think I’ll stick to my black case given my advanced age. Call me a killjoy. OK, maybe I could pull off a Moustache Cat?

Do you have a cat case on your phone? If so, how would you describe it?
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