Cool Cat Home: Cat Bowls

Feed kitty in style with these fresh bowls and dishes.

Does your cat refuse to eat out of Tupperware or rejected chipped china? The problem might not be the food but the bowl itself. Besides being an eyesore, those bowls could put unnecessary strain on your cat’s whiskers – they’re quite sensitive you know.

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Do yourself a favor and get some bowls you wouldn’t mind your mother-in-law seeing during a surprise attack visit.  Here’s a roundup of five bowls that are worthy of you and your feline friend(s).

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Felli Pet
I’m absolutely in love with the bowls in their Oblik collection. This company takes a very technical approach to their products with a team of more than 20 designers and CAD (computer aided drafting) engineers. They strive to be a brand that delivery stylish, functional and affordable products to pet lovers.

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The Oblik collection has two bowls, the Lordly Puss and the Supreme. Both have a non-slip base, are dishwasher safe and made from nontoxic acrylic materials.

Lordly Puss ($32.99) is 5.5 inches shallow, holds half a cup of food and comes in blue, pink, gray and green. It’s perfect for cats because it takes whisker stress into consideration with a wide, shallow bowl with top-of-the-line stainless steel.

Supreme ($24.99) is also 5.5 inches but does not have the stainless steel component allowing it to hold more food or be used as a water bowl.

Drip Module

Drip Module is a San Francisco company started by an architect making sleek, minimalist products for humans and pets alike.
With three cats of my own (yes, I said three) I appreciate the Ellipse feeder with three bowls ($79) to accommodate all my pets at mealtime. Many companies make only single or double bowl feeders. But don’t worry, if you only have two pets as they have a two bowls version as well ($69). Don’t forget, you could always use the third bowl for water if you aren’t using a pet fountain.

Drip Module feeders are handmade from stainless steel and BirchPly. They comes in an array of colors and finishes and the stainless-steel bowls are removable and dishwasher safe.  Just make sure not to confuse the cat bowl with your fruit bowl!

Trendy Pet
Trendy Pet is a family-run company that makes three-bowl feeder ($77) in addition to the standard two ($60). Thank you! Each bowl accommodates up to 1 pint of food or water.

Devin, the daughter in this mother-daughter business team is a vet tech who felt it was important feeders were made at the correct height for each animal – particularly when involving aging or injured pets.

Their feeders for small dogs and cats are elevated 4 inches (they have other feeders that are taller in height). Each item is handmade to order in the United States, uses BPA free plastic and is water resistant. The material use will not split, delaminate or rot and is easy to clean.

ModaPet describes itself as an American company with an Italian design aesthetic (“moda” is Italian for fashion). A unique look paired with affordability is what the company strives for for and they hit the mark on both counts. The 2-cup cat bowls are priced at $14.95, and the larger 4-cup bowls – which are much heavier and could be used for water – go for $24.95. Both come in a rainbow of color selections.

I’ve been using ModaPet bowls for several years now and have no complaints. They’re simple, no-nonsense vibrantly colored bowls that are wide enough to accommodate kitty whiskers. Made of food grade BPA-free plastic they also have a no-skid bottom. I hear they can be placed in the dishwasher but sadly I don’t have one so I can’t speak to that!

This is the part of the round-up where we dream a little dream. Bear with me here. The Vurve feeders are stunning aesthetically and will also likely stun you when you see the price tag: $198 for a wall-mounted unit with three feeders. I know, I know but shipping is free! And there is no denying how cool it is. If figures that Glenn, the man behind VURV, is an architect by training.

Each piece is hand made in Canada, and is made from birch ply, eco friendly wenge veneer, urethane finish, stainless-steel bowls and aluminum brackets.

Hopefully by now you’ve been convinced to toss out any mismatched cat bowls. Especially those that easily slide across the floor, forcing kitty to literally chase after his or her food or slosh water all over the floor!

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