Controlling Barn Cat Population

Female cats must be spayed to control the cat population.

Q: We have about 10 female barn cats and about 35 new kittens. The cats are wild can’t be touched. How do we get help? Please help!             

A: In order to stop this problem, you must spay all 10 of the female barn cats and then you must trap the kittens and find placement for them. People do not realize that a female cat will go into heat as early as 6 months old and can have three to five litters a year. If you do not control the cat population in the barn, your cats can have up to 200 kittens in one year.

Call your local veterinarian clinic and animal shelter to find out about low-cost spay and neuter. Once you decide where the cats will be spayed, set up a date and time.

Begin to feed the cats at the same time every evening so they become used to a schedule. Do not feed the cats the day before the trapping so they become hungry. On the big night set the traps up in the barn with a little stinky canned cat food such as sardines or tuna fish. Put a blanket over the trap to camouflage it so the cats do not become suspicious. The traps should be checked every half-hour and once the cats are caught, the traps should be elevated off the ground so their feces and urine can fall through the wires and be kept away from the cat. Please be very careful while handling the traps because the cats will be frightened and acting out.

The kittens should be trapped as well so they can be socialized then placed into homes. The kittens are young, so with time and patience they will become social and ready for loving families.

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