Controlling an Active Vizsla

Stimulate her mind and body with stimulating activities and exercise.

Q. Our ten month old Vizsla is an extremely active, social dog. She requires a lot of attention or she resorts to digging holes, which is destroying our property. Her major problem, though, is roaming. If we don’t tie her up on a long leash, she visits all the neighbor’s properties and causes havoc. We live in a rural area and it would be impossible to fully fence our property. Are there other options for keeping her within our boundaries?

A. When dogs are tied up for any length of time, they often turn to digging for exercise and entertainment. Instead of tying your Vizsla, consider fencing an area for her. You needn’t enclose your whole property. Digging and roaming both indicate boredom from too much time alone. Vizslas require vigorous daily exercise and mentally stimulating activities that involve their owners. Adding more exercise might improve your dog’s behavior, as would training for a dog sport like agility or flyball. Training and practice will exercise her mind and body, and she’ll enjoy spending that time with you guiding and directing her.

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