Contemporary Cat Home: Loungers

Check out these five cat resting spots where felines recline.

Take a look at these five fashion forward feline loungers and see which one your cat might like when it’s time to recline.

Binq Design Side Table 
Binq Design
I love this cat lounger because I can totally see myself putting it in my bedroom and using it as a side-table. At $274 – the cushion is included – it’s around the same price as the night tables I’ve seen on the market lately (price may vary by color or finish).  It has a one-week delivery window and, best of all, a 30-day return period! I wonder if those adorable kittens are an added feature …

Kittypod Couchette Modern Recycled Paper Cat Perch

Kittypod is described as “a lifestyle brand designing authentic cat furniture and accessory solutions for a harmonious cohabitation with your pet.” If you’re going for ultra-modern than this is the cat perch for your home. At $242.99 it may seem a bit spendy for cardboard – means, though, that it’s 100% recyclable and ships for free. It’s made in California where designer Elizabeth Paige Smith has been designing products for cats and their parents since 1998.

Modern Cat House/Cat Cave/Cat Bed 
This cathouse is made to order in Seattle, and will take 4-6 weeks to get your paws on one. This piece has the ability to double as human furniture – an end table or low nightstand. The prices is a bit steep at $450, but in a fun reassuring touch each cathouse comes with a handmade pillow and a “Mr. Moneybags Catnip Toy” (I guess you’d have to be a moneybags – or be with one – to afford it to begin with!).

Canopy Lounge
If you or your cat has ever coveted the Canopy Lounge, now’s the time to get it. As long as you like the color orange, that is, as the cost been slashed from $550 down to $274. For that kind of a deal I might have to start liking orange!

The Canopy Lounge is made in the United States by designer Kat Webster who just happens to have been born in Manhattan.  With a name like Kat and a birthplace in NYC I’m totally getting “Team Kat” t-shirts made!  She currently lives in New Orleans and is the proud mom of four rescue animals in addition to being a foster mom at a local shelter. I personally enjoyed the “durability testing” visual on her site and only wish it was video!
Rondo Stand
Pet Interiors
Here you have it: The most expensive cat lounger in today’s round-up, for the rich and famous, or those who will stop at nothing to give their cat the very best money can buy.  The Rondo Stand can run anywhere from $855 to $937, and comes in a variety of colors and fabrics.  

On the upside, it features a 14-day return policy (should  you order it and realize you still have to pay the rent) and comes with free shipping for those in Canada and the United States.

I can’t lie. I do like the way it looks, and if I had an extra grand burning a hole in my pocket I’d have to get one.  And just look, it does seem to accomdate two cats quite nicely (oh right, I have three cats … hmm).  For a slightly less expensive version you could go wit the wall-mounted wicker model at $515. Or just add it on to the purchase!

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