Contagious Hair Loss Among Ferrets

Why would a group of four ferrets suddenly begin losing fur on their tails?

Q: I have four ferrets and one was losing the hair on its tail. Now three of the four are losing all the hair on their tail. What could be causing this?

A: There are a number of things this can be, and the best way to know is to visit your veterinarian. It could be that all of your ferrets have developed adrenal gland disease, which is certainly possible given how common this disease can be. The first sign of adrenal gland disease can be hair loss on the tail that starts to move up to the rear and flanks of the ferret.

Other possibilities are ectoparasites, as ferrets can share these amongst each other. Ectoparasites include mites and fleas. These are not difficult to treat but you need the assistance of a veterinarian to prescribe the correct and safest medication and to discuss possible treatment of the environment.

If there are irritants in the environment such as can be found in cleaning solutions, these can also cause a reaction in a ferret for hair to be lost. Again, a discussion with your veterinarian about the use of products in the house will be extremely helpful in determining the cause of the hair loss. 

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