Considering a Toy Fox Terrier

A prospective Toy Fox Terrier owner considers the breed’s energy level and size.

Q. I am, looking to buy a Toy Fox Terrier puppy in the spring. I am in a wheelchair but out everyday when weather permits. I know they are very active dogs, but my chair is electric, so getting exercise running along with me will be no problem for the pup. I live in rather a large apartment so play time indoors in poor weather will be happy time for her as well. She will also be litterbox-trained as my last dog was.

I chose a TFT because they are a good size for an apartment, very smart, and quick to learn. I am hoping to be able to train her to help me with different tasks I need assistance with. I also like their look.

My question to you is, can you see any problems I might run into by purchasing this breed of dog for my companion? I have researched a lot of dog breeds and this is the dog I have been drawn to. My last dog was a 10-pound. Chihuahua.

A. It is clear you have put a lot of thought into this new puppy and I think this Toy Fox Terrier will have a great home with you. A TFT won’t get too much bigger than your 10-pound Chihuahua was, and the intelligence and energy levels of both breeds should be comparable. You have addressed the question of exercise indoors and out, and you sound like a good trainer as well. My best wishes to you both.

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