Conservation International Releases “Reef Fishes Of The East Indies” For iPad And Kindle Fire

Application covers every known reef fish from the Coral Triangle to the South China Sea to the Adaman Sea.

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Pterapsaron longipinnis - A deep reef species (below 60m depth) discovered in Cendrawasih Bay in West Papua; the name refers to the unusually long pelvic fins which this fish uses to rest on the bottom in tripod-like fashion. Photo © Gerald Allen
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Conservation International has released “Reef Fishes Of The East Indies” an application for Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle Fire that details every known reef fish species in the region. It is based on the book of the same name. It features more than 2,500 reef fishes, including 25 species that are new to science. More than 60 years of research, data collection and exploration are included in the app, which has interactive features such as search, note-taking and drawing capabilities, detailed entries for each species and the capability to share photos via email and social media. Images are captured in high definition and species are organized by Classification, Family, and Species. The volumes work seamlessly together and the app will be updated regularly with new species information as it becomes available.

“Sharing this knowledge brings greater value to the biodiversity present here and we hope this will increase motivation and momentum for its conservation to ensure that these species and their delicate ecosystems remain in balance,” Mark Erdmann CI’s senior advisor to the Indonesian Marine Program said in a prepared statement. “Maintaining this natural capital is key to the region’s important tourism industry, and other ecosystem services the ocean provides the people.”

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Scientists Mark Erdmann and Gerry Allen cover a wide geographic range in the app, including the Coral Triangle (Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands), the South China Sea (including Brunei Darussalam to Vietnam and Singapore), and the Andaman Sea (including Thailand, Myanmar, and the Andaman Islands of India). Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean is also covered.  All shallow water reef fish are covered in the application as well as obligate reef dwellers and species that pass through the reef areas or live on the soft bottom areas adjacent to the reefs but don’t actually live in or on the reef.

It can be purchased at the Apple Store and Amazon’s app store. Volumes 1 and 2 are priced at $17.99 each and Volume 3 is free. Proceeds from the sale of the “Reef Fishes Of The East Indies” app will go toward supporting Conservation International’s Indonesia marine conservation program.

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