Congratulations Brie!

Club Dog member Brie honored with Outstanding Service Dog Award.

The Hillsborough Animal Health Foundation has awarded “Brie” Johnson, a seizure alert Labrador Retriever that serves Marla Johnson, with its first annual Outstanding Service Dog Award.

As the first winner of the award, Brie will have a charitable fund named in her honor, and the award will hereafter be known as the “Brie Outstanding Service Dog of the Year” award. 

Able to alert her owner of on oncoming seizures, Brie places herself to catch Johnson when the seizure causes her to pass out.  Brie was able to pull Johnson to safety seizure left her owner unconscious in the family pool.

“Lady Brie” and her mom have been active members of the Club Dog community for over 4 years. Visit Brie’s blog.

Brie is a shining example of the importance of all that service dogs have to offer.

Congratulations Brie!

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