Confused Puppy Gets In The Way Of Big Brother’s Digging Session

Milo the dog wants to dig and Honey the puppy wants to know where in the heck all this dirt is coming from.

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"Am I doing it right?" Via miloandhoney_/Rumble
Stephanie Brown

Kids. They always want to know what you’re doing. And they have a special knack for getting in the way. If you have a kid or a younger sibling, then you can probably relate to Milo the dog.

In a video posted to Rumble by miloandhoney_, chocolate Labrador Retriever Milo is trying his very best to dig a giant hole in the sand on the beach when his little sister Honey tries to pitch in. Unfortunately, Honey has no idea what she’s doing and mainly ends up getting in the way of important digging business.

The yellow Lab puppy starts off mildly confused as to where all this dirt is coming from and, naturally, tries to eat it.

Then she follows the source of the flying dirt by crawling completely underneath Milo, who proceeds to kick directly into his little sister’s face. Eventually Honey realizes she can kick up her own dirt with her own little puppy paws and starts to dig her own puppy-sized hole.

It looks like Honey is learning a thing or two from her big brother after all. And while Honey can be a pain in the tail, Milo loves her anyway.

You can see more of these two and their shenanigans on Instagram at @miloandhoney_.

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