Confronted With a Cat Burglar

My friend's cat proves to have criminal ways when it comes to getting cat treats.

This week I was confronted by my first real cat burglar!

The thief was none other than my friend Gail’s orange tabby, That Cat. I arrived to stay with her and my suitcase contained 35 pounds of cat products for the crew to “test.” Not only is That Cat curious, but he’s smart enough to know that I never arrive empty-handed for a visit.
So the moment I set my suitcase down he went into sniff mode. Then he discovered if he “worked” the lock that held the zippers in place, he could, with perseverence, possibly break and enter and gain access to the contents  which included six large packets of different flavored treats.

He got to nosing the lock with such force that the zipper attachments were moving around but the lock still held tight. So admittedly, I helped a bit by detaching the lock and, lo and behold, he got his paws between the zippers and pried them apart and immediately set to work on a seafood medley.

American cats are truly spoiled as there is such a fabulous selection of treats available. However, in South Africa, where I am visiting, there is only one product on the market and all the cats I know won’t touch them!

Naturally, That Cat sent a feline SMS to This Cat and Other Cat and soon they were all lining up to taste. Then he dived back inside the case to see what else had arrived for him and he wasn’t disappointed, as I’d brought toys and a new drinking fountain.

However, Gail was much more interested in the pack of kitty litterbox liners that were also in my luggage, as this is also a product that unavailable in this country for large litterboxes.

I took everything out and helped Gail pack it all safely away as That Cat also opens drawers very efficiently! And I had to relock the suitcase to prevent him going back inside to double-check in case I forgotten something.

All three cats are being rationed and are only allowed treats at night. However, this doesn’t stop them from optimistically trying to persuade either Gail or I to open the treat drawer and divest a few their way.

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