This Kitten’s Eyebrows Make Him Look Eternally Concerned

Gary the kitten has dark marks above his eyes that make him look constantly concerned, and it's pretty endearing.

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Gary looks worried. Via Facebook
Chrissa Hardy

Guys, I’m worried about Gary. Mainly because Gary seems to be worried about everything.

Oh, who’s Gary? He’s the 8-week-old kitten who has taken the Internet by storm with his unusual fur markings above his little kitten eyes. The black markings, which are tilted upwards, make it look as though Gary is constantly furrowing his little brow.

Good news or bad news? Either way, Gary is ready for the worst. Via Facebook

Good news or bad news? Either way, Gary is ready for the worst. Via Facebook

The markings have been with him since birth, and his English owners even named the kitten after singer Gary Barlow, who is known for raising his eyebrows when he hits high notes, reports The Daily Mail.

So no matter what you’re saying to Gary, he’s extremely nervous to hear it. Doesn’t matter if you’re telling him it’s dinner time, or that the litter box needs to be cleaned, or that you bought him a lifetime supply of catnip mouse friends — he will always look at you like, OMG, really? But… why????

Oh no... is it time for a bath... again? Via Facebook

“Oh no, is it time for a bath… again?” Via Facebook

And people everywhere are getting a serious kick out of Gary’s face. On Facebook, he already has more than 800 likes, and since joining Instagram two days ago, he’s gained almost 200 followers.

As Gary grows, and his head gets bigger, his crazy eyebrows will likely look smaller. But that also means they’ll probably look less like fur markings and more like actual raised brows.

Oh man, you found me. :( Via Facebook

“Oh man, you found me.” 🙁 Via Facebook

And hey, luckily for Gary, dramatic brows are seriously in style right now.

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