Concealed Catnapping

The Nekokaburi Mask keeps you looking cute while catnapping without interruption or light.

It’s 3 p.m., and you still have three hours to go at the office. You’re craving a snack, and you’re tired. What? More work was just placed your desk? That’s exactly the time you pull out your trusty Nekokaburi Mask and take a quick, quiet catnap. Also known as “privacy hoods,”  Nekokaburi Masks, which literally translates to “cat cover masks,” are gently pulled over your head, giving you privacy, as well as an adorable cat face, so everyone knows not to bother you.

Some other situations you might pull out your trusty Nekokaburi Mask are on a plane, commuting on a train or bus, or simply when you want to avoid showing off your open-mouthed drooling that comes while in the midst of a good, deep sleep.

There are six different masks to choose from, including Sabatora, or Silver Tabby, and Dorobou Hige, which translates to Thief’s Beard. The Thief’s Beard refers to the cute circular, beard-like pattern a lot of cats have around their mouths. You know, the area you can’t help but kiss when you see your kitty when you get home. Other masks are The Thug, The Grey, a three-colored mike-patterned kitty, Hachiware (Tuxedo Cat) and Kijitora (Brown Tabby).

After placing it over your head, you’ll find yourself immersed in a warm head blanket that also keeps your airway humid by the naturally circulated warm air from your breath. Sore throats after a long flight are a thing of the past!

The dome shape keeps out noise, as well. Goodbye helicopters, horns, sirens and those noisy crickets always keeping you up. Some people sleep to nature sounds, while others can only sleep in silence, which is really hard to get unless you live in the country.

Keep in mind that the  Nekokaburi Mask is not for children, but wouldn’t it be fun to wake up your little one by purring next to him or her? You can rub the soft material against your toddler’s face, and he or she will wake up thrilled to have a human-size kitten! Just make sure you do this slowly and carefully so you don’t frighten your child.

Each mask retails for 3,771 Yen ($37).

Would you use the Nekokaburi Mask for nap time, whether in public or at home?

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