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Computer Software for Pros and Hobbyists

Suggested software for pet pros and hobbyists, and one for just for pet owners.

Suggested software for pet pros and hobbyists, and one for just for pet owners.

If you’re thinking of computerizing your records, here are a few suggestions to get you started. These programs were designed specifically for dog professionals and hobbyists, and there’s even one just for pet owners.

Breeder’s Standard 2005
For breeders: pedigrees; medical and genetic records; AKC entry forms. Web-based option can access other users’pedigree records, and they can access yours. (PC or Web-based)
Price: For PC-based, free trial, $109.95; for Web-based, $9.95 a month

EDog Trainer
For trainers: track appointments; class schedules; client information. (Web-based)
Price: Free trial, $50-$86 annually

E-Z Kennel Plus
For breeders: medical records; pedigrees; financial records; litter and puppy records; contracts. (PC-based)
Price: Free trial, $120

Kennel-Up Software
For breeders, kennels, trainers: includes medical records; breeding records; accounting. (PC-based)
Price: Free trial, $100

Plane Software/KennelSuite 7
For a boarding facility or grooming shop: customize your services; make appointments; track inventory; can be used on multiple computers. (PC-based)
Price: Free trial; $279 Basic; $749 Professional; $849 Enterprise

Trulove Software
For breeders: includes pedigrees; medical records; accounting; competition results and judges. (PC-based)
Price: $65-$75

For breeders and exhibitors: includes pedigrees, show and performance entry forms; AKC litter registration application; contracts. (PC-based).
Price: $10 trial; $99

ZooEasy Software
For breeders and clubs: pedigrees; medical records; accounting; competition results; also available for other animals. (International company, PC-based)
Price: Free trial; $85-$95 

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