Compelling Video Chronicles Dog’s Uncertain Life

“The Pegasus Project” shows via time-lapse how one Great Dane is facing down her physical challenges with the help of a loving owner.

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The Pegasus Project time-lapse film.

If there ever was a puppy miracle, this is it.

It took shape when Dave Meinert — a director/filmmaker living in South Africa — rescued 4-week-old Pegasus from a backyard breeder. Most of the Great Dane’s siblings died at birth or were deformed, and Pegasus herself is a “double-merle.” The condition, which refers to a severe lack of pigment, often also causes pups to be born deaf and/or blind… if they live at all.

Unsure of his new “girl’s” lot in life, Meinert took a leap of love and optimism.

“I decided to record every day we had left,” he says in the video.

Owner Dave Meinert has some fun with Pegasus. Via YouTube.

Owner Dave Meinert has some fun with Pegasus. Via YouTube

Unsure of how long she’d live, Meinert began documenting Pegasus’ journey through life. The result is an emotional, visual tale spanning seven months that places the pup on a treadmill — with her owner at first — learning to walk, play and embrace the canine life. The time-lapse creation is sure to make you smile, feel good and get your week off to a great start.

You’ve been prepared… get the Kleenex.

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