Company Says Its Cat Food Not Recalled

Evanger's says reports that its pet food is among those recalled are wrong.

Illinois-based Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Co. Inc., says that TV news media reports of it recalling its pet food because of contamination are wrong. The pet food company said that its cat food is not contaminated or being recalled.

On March 16, nearly 100 wet dog and cat food brands manufactured by Ontario, Canada-based Menu Foods were recalled because of a contaminant now believed to be rat poison.

But on March 20, Illinois-based Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Co. Inc., issued a statement by its president, Holly Sher, saying that despite media reports, the company’s products are not affected by the widespread North American recall.

“We wish to reassure our valued customers that they can use and recommend Evanger’s pet foods with confidence that our food is safe and nutritious,” the statement reads in part.
The statement also says that “Evanger’s is not involved in and does not require any recall. All of our food is made and canned in our own plant, and we do not use wheat gluten in any of our products.”
No Evanger’s brand products are listed on an official list of recalled products issued by Menu Foods. Click here for the full list of recalled brands.

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