Company Donates $20,000 in Pet Food to Shelters

Dog food maker The Honest Kitchen sends food donations to three rescue organizations in one week.

Pet food maker The Honest Kitchen donated $20,000 worth of food to three Western region animal welfare groups last week.

“We were delighted to be able to send such a significant volume of food to these wonderful organizations and hope that it will help the animals in their care,” said Laurette Lamontagne, the company’s director of operations who coordinated the shipments.

Recipients included Best Friends Animal Society in Utah; the Baja Animal Sanctuary near Rosarito Beach, Mexico; and Help for Pets in Alpine, Calif.

Honest Kitchen gave Best Friends $8,000 in food where it is reportedly helping to feed the more than 2,000 animals in the rescue’s care, including a number of the dogs removed from Michael Vick’s estate. An additional $7,000 went to the Baja sanctuary, while $5,000 was given to Help For Pets, which links animal foster homes in the San Diego area.

Overall, the pet food manufacturer said it donated roughly 25 percent of its fiscal year 2007 net profits to charity through its Pawlanthropy program, which also provided price reductions on its products for registered military and service animals. Pawlanthropy began in 2006, four years after the company was founded by Lucy Postins.

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