Comics Stage “Funny for Fido” to Help NYC Dogs

The annual event featuring dog-loving comedians raises money for animal rescue groups in New York.

“Funny for Fido: Comics Stand Up for New York’s Homeless Dogs” presents two shows in New York City today to raise money for animal rescue groups Mighty Mutts and Earth Angels.

The annual event, featuring Dave Attell, Patrice Oneal, Rich Vos, Pete Correale, Big Jay Oakerson, and Wil Sylvince, was started by comic Justin Silver.

Oneal says he can joke about just about anything, but not dogs. “I love dogs too much to joke about them,” Oneal told the New York Post. “I have a serious point of view when it comes to dogs.”

Oneal grew up in Boston with an adopted Mixed Breed who “went long before her time,” he recalls. “She was hit by a car. It was terrible – all I remember was crying like a baby.”

Dogs even feature in Oneal’s Comedy Central special. At one point the comedian wonders, “How can anybody be cruel to animals?”

To learn more about “Funny for Fido,” visit

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