Colossal Charm

Profuse drool, extra costs, and broken vases can’t keep fanciers away from the massive Mastiff.

William N., M.D., likes to tell the “Down and Out” story about one of his Mastiffs. “Danny would come to the table, and I’d say to him, ‘Down.’ And he’d look at me. And I’d say, ‘Down. OK, you’ve got a choice: Down or Out.’

“He’d go into the other room and lie in his crate. Five minutes later he’d come back and lie down.” William, who met his first Mastiff in 1960, read Danny’s reaction as, “‘You didn’t make me do it. I did it because I wanted to,’” says William, who started breeding Mastiffs in the early ’70s.

Many people let their dogs sit by the table during meals. But with a Mastiff, it’s a bit problematic. Standing more than 27 inches at the shoulder, weighing 120 to 230 pounds, and with drool befitting a behemoth, a Mastiff can easily spoil the dinner hour.

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