Colorado Animal Control Cried Wolf, But Capone Is Just A German Shepherd Mix

DNA results show no wolf markers in Capone.

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Capone is 100 percent dog. Via Denver 7
John Virata

Capone, the German Shepherd dog who was picked up and held by Aurora Animal Control in Colorado after officers with the facility claimed he was a wolf-hybrid, is not a wolf after all. DNA tests proved that the dog is, in fact, simply a dog and not a wolf.

“The results came back NEGATIVE. Not an ounce of wolf,” Tracy Abbato told Denver7.

On February 24, Capone jumped the fence at his home and was picked up by Aurora Animal Control officers. When his family went to claim him, animal control officers insisted that he was a wolf-hybrid and wouldn’t release him back to his family until a DNA test proved otherwise. Capone’s behaviors and mannerisms were akin to that of wolf-hybrid, according to Aurora Animal Control officers.

Capone is not a wolf-hybrid like animal control officers in Colorado thought. A DNA test proved otherwise. Via Denver 7

“Aurora Animal Services ordered the DNA test after its experts observed the animal’s behavior, mannerisms and physical characteristics and believed them to be consistent with those of a wolf-hybrid,” the service wrote in a statement to the media last week. “If the animal is confirmed to be a wolf hybrid and a judge grants ownership to Aurora Animal Services, the primary goal would be to locate a sanctuary that specializes in such animals and can provide the animal with a new home. Aurora Animal Services is committed to balancing the needs of people and animals in the city of Aurora by providing humane shelter, treatment and placement of animals, and part of that mission involves enforcing the city’s animal laws.

The DNA tests were taken March 1 and they came back last week negative for any wolf markers. Capone has not yet been released back to his family, as the family has a court date March 22 to settle other charges with regard to their dog. Tracy Abbato did tell Denver7 that they will install a higher fence to prevent Capone from jumping it again.

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