Color Me Red

Some say birds don’t like the color red; that they’ll lash out at their owner with red nail polish or wearing a red shirt. With my flock, I have found opposite reactions to the color red. My conure, Ollie, definitely has a response to red, but my cockatiel could care less. Ollie’s fear of red, however, is a complicated matter. He’s terrified of my son’s red bicycle helmet (especially if my son is running around the house in it, which is more common than I like to think), and last week he shrieked at the sight of a red box near his cage. I don’t typically wear nail polish, because the one time I did (a light shade of red), Ollie wouldn’t let me pick him up. Yet, Ollie will happily perch on my shoulder when I’m wearing my red bathrobe. I’m not sure exactly why the bathrobe is the exception: I’m thinking his obsession with clothing is so complete that he can forgive the color. I will test this out this week, when it’s time to wash the red clothes. Will Ollie hop on top of it like he does with the rest of the laundry pile or will he shriek in protest? Stay tuned!

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