Collie Adopts Fox and It’s the Most Adorable Thing You’ll Ever See

Loving Collie takes fuzzy fox pup under her paw in a story filled with heartwarming magic.

It may not be an actual “hound” that’s taken up a unique friendship with a baby fox, but it’s darn close enough to make my insides melt.

If you grew up or had children anywhere near the 80’s you are probably familiar with the classic tale of “The Fox and the Hound.” If you’re anything like me, you also might have grown up believing that you would find an orphaned baby fox in your yard that would form a magical relationship with a nearby dog.

It’s stories like this one that keep the dream alive.

collie and fox  

The story starts out like so many a Disney movie, with the tragic death of a mother, leaving a 3-week-old, baby fox named Dinzzo alone on the side of the road, but don’t worry, there is a happy ending. 

After being rescued and inspected by a vet, the tiny fox was brought to the home of Werner and Angelika Schmaing and introduced to their Collie Ziva, cat, Leopald and two piglets. Their he found love and comfort not just from the welcoming couple, but also from the welcoming animals, specifically their Ziva who has been like a mother to the tiny fox. 


Collie and Fox 



From loving moments, to having fun, the pair have been inseparable. 


Collie and Fox 



Collie and Fox 



You can now exit the internet, you will probably not see anything better than this all day. 

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