Collecting Cat Forensic Evidence

July's CAT FANCY discussed cat CSI. See the tools and techniques cat forensics teams use.

You’ve read in the July issue of CAT FANCY about feline CSI and how a veterinary forensics team helps cats. Here are some tools and techniques investigators use to collect evidence at crime scenes:

•    BlueStar — a chemical compound that turns hidden blood into a bright, fluorescent blue color for better detection

•    BlueMaxx — an alternative light source used to find fibers, hair and fluids at crime scenes that can be used as evidence

•    Digital microscope and digital X-ray machine

•    Forensic botany — the science of using plant-related materials to help solve crimes

•    Forensic entomology — the science of using insect evidence to help solve crimes

•    Phenolphthalein — a chemical compound that causes blood to turn bright pink in color

Click here to view footage from the ASPCA’s mobile forensic van (footage courtesy of ASPCA).

Click here to see a slide show from the Elk County, Pa., animal rescue case from June 2010.

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