Cockatoo Saves Couple During House Fire

If it weren? for the bird, this family may not have survived.

A house caught on fire Peel, Arkansas on Wednesday, tragically burning the home to the ground. A couple was asleep in the home when the fire broke out, but made it out of the house in time, thanks to their pet cockatoo.

Peel volunteer firefighter Todd Boyers told KY3, the home “was completely on fire, it collapsed while we were here. It was fully involved when I arrived and I live just about a half mile away from the scene. [The homeowner] said he looked up at the ceiling and saw black smoke. He was able to close the bedroom door and grab the bird and go out the window.?lt;/span>

The bird nor the homeowners have been named, but the cockatoo reportedly alerted the couple to the fire. As Boyers said, “There? no trouble waking up to that alarm. We?e all said that? a hero bird.?lt;/span>

The cause of the fire is yet to be determined and the house was reportedly destroyed. However, if it weren? for their bird, the owners may not have survived. 

Has your bird ever alerted you in an emergency situation?

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