Cockatiels To Get $100K Based On Owner? Will

Besides the money, 32 cockatiels will be fed Avi-Cakes, carrots, water and popcorn.

If you have a bird, you likely consider him or her part of your family. You take care of your bird and want nothing but the best for him or her. But what will happen if your bird outlives you? For a late entrepreneur, the answer was to stipulate in her will how much money should go to the care of her birds and exactly how she? like them to be cared for.

Leslie Ann Mandel decided that her 32 cockatiels should receive $100,000 for their care. Her will states that the birds, named Wheetie, Port, Blackie, Zippy, Tara, Zara, Shasha, Pigeon, Victory, Alie, Zack 12, Dart, Cubby, Max, Baby, Ruthie, Pumpkin, Tattoo, Susie, Tracy, Margie, Sammy, Angel, Inky, Sara, Tundra, Tanteleah, Eva, Cody, Nicki, Avis and Dragon, should remain in her $4 million New York home or placed in “a protected place of similar size and dimension, made of the same materials, without a cage, for the rest of their natural lives,?according to New York Post.

Mandel stated in her will that “It is my wish that the birds be fed and the building cleaned each Monday and Thursday and their food shall be purchased from Avi-Cakes, carrots, water and popcorn,?New York Post reports.

Her dog and cat are also to receive part of the money, though how she wants them cared for is not part of her will.

Have you included your bird (or birds) in your will?

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