Cockatiel Returns Home After Going Missing for 7 Months

An Australian couple gets their bird back seven months after it flew out their front door.

A cockatiel, like this one, went missing for seven months before finally returning home.
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A cockatiel, like this one, went missing for seven months before finally returning home.

In January, the cockatiel of Paul O?rien and Mel Turnbull of St. Helens Park in Australia flew out the front door. O?rien and Turnbull were devastated. Unbeknownst to them, a woman 7.5 miles away in Narellan found the couple? beloved Lulu.

When she found Lulu, the bird was pecked and near starvation, Daily Telegraph reports. The veterinarian even told the woman that the prognosis did not look good. Even as Lulu improved and began to grow accustomed to her new home, the woman who found her knew someone was out there looking for her. When she came upon the Facebook page of Campbelltown Lost Found and Injured Pets, she joined the closed group and posted a picture of Lulu. Mere hours after she posted the photo, Turnbull? mother-in-law saw it.

Skepticism arose in the couple at first, given that Lulu was found so far away from home. “We were only going to take her home if we were absolutely certain,?Turnbull told Daily Telegraph. Their skepticism and uncertainty dissipated as soon as they saw Lulu.

The three of them no doubt had a joyous reunion, despite the surprise Lulu got when she returned home. Since Lulu had gone missing, O?rien brought in five more birds. “She [has] settled right back in,?Ms Turnbull said. “She checked out the other birds then got back on Paul? shoulder, like she? never been gone.?lt;/span>

We?e guessing she? happy to be back there.

For photos of Lulu, visit Daily Telegraph.

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