Clown of the Cat Fancy

The beautiful Balinese delights cat lovers with its affectionate antics.



Beware the bright blue eyes of the Balinese. The beautiful gaze and charming, sweet expression could be designed to distract you while the cat figures out how to steal your possessions. “They are little thieves,” explains Diane Varni, a breeder from Oregon. “Sometimes one of my Balis will steal something from me, run away and then stop and turn back to be sure I am watching.”

Such attention from its owner tops the list of the Balinese’s priorities. As opposed to the stereotype of an aloof, independent cat, the breed thrives on – and craves – human companionship. “You must be prepared to interact and actively participate in loving them,” says Linda Galloway, a breeder from Florida. “They will greet you at the door after work and be your constant companion thereafter.”

Kris Willison, a breeder from Texas, agrees. “They love you unconditionally,” she says. “When one bonds with you personally, they bond with a capital ‘B.'”

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