Clouded Leopard

Clouded Leopard. Via Vearl Brown/Wikipedia

Neofelis nebulosa

This medium-sized cat weighs between 30 and 60 pounds. Recent genetic studies have shown that the clouded leopard is the oldest of all existing cat species. This cat is extremely powerful and has the longest canine teeth of any cat species that resembles the extinct saber-tooth cat. The clouded leopard cat also has large paws and short legs. Its tail is almost as long as the rest of its body, which it uses to balance itself in trees where it predominantly lives in dense forest. It is a nocturnal cat and lives in Nepal, Bhutan, Southern China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Borneo. Clouded leopard cats eat birds, squirrels and monkeys. They make a unique, friendly snorting call in close contact situations. In the past, the locals of Taiwan hunted clouded leopard cats for ceremonial reasons. Loss of forests and hunting are their main threats in the wild.

Click here to learn more about the clouded leopard cat and how you can help with the conservation efforts for it.

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