Clingy Ferret

Why is a ferret hanging on so hard when being held?

Q: I have my suspicions but would like a second opinion. We just adopted an albino ferret that was at a pet store for quite some time, according to the employees. He’s very “grabby” — curls his claws and doesn’t want to let go, clings when being shifted from one person to another. We’ve recently bathed him and trimmed his claws and have made sure his primary (bonding) human is spending a lot of snuggle/cuddle time with him. I’ve seen *many* ferrets, but never one this grabby/clingy. What could be the reason?
A: It could be that this ferret is unused to all of the attention. It could also be that he is nervous of being handled, handed off, etc. and is making sure he grabs on to stay safe.

I also know a few ferrets that go really stiff when picked up, which included their digits curling tightly. Either way, I don’t see it as something to worry about.

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