Clever Dog Saves Toy Adrift at Sea

Okay, so it’s in a pool, but still a heroic rescue nonetheless.

We are deep into summer now, so I know you all have had a few pool days at this point. The thing that bothers me the most is when I get out of the pool and I have just finished drying off and I realize I left my floating raft in the water. Somehow, I have to get it out without getting wet. I usually end up getting wet. In the video below, a clever dog named Rosie figures out a brilliant way to get her ball out of the water without having to go back in!


I’ll try to remember this tactic next time I’m at the pool, though I’m pretty sure the kiddy pool would sink if I tried.

This might be the first time a dog has figured out how to retrieve a toy lost at sea by him or herself, but it is certainly not the first time a dog has floated around:


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