Clever Dog Finds Brilliant Way To Retrieve Ball From Pool

When this dog couldn't reach her ball in the pool, she found a really impressive way to get it back.

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Well, that's one way to do it.

When something you want is just a bit out of reach, what do you do? You find a way to get to it, no matter what, right?

Well, that’s how an intelligent pup named Rosie approached a recent obstacle. In a video uploaded to YouTube last week by Esther Cushway, Rosie the dog loses her grip on her ball in a pool. The ball then drifts out into the deeper water outside of an area where Rosie could reach it.

Could she just jump in the water and retrieve the ball? Sure, but Rosie apparently isn’t your average dog.

"Come back here, bal!" Via YouTube

“Come back here, ball!” Via YouTube

Instead, she takes a moment to survey her surroundings and possible options. She walks around the pool for a second and then decides the best way to get the ball back is to push a nearby kiddie pool into the bigger pool, with her inside, and sail over to the ball before grabbing it.

Can't turn back now... Via YouTube

Can’t turn back now… Via YouTube

Her plan was a success, and she even navigated the kiddie pool back to the edge and safely hopped back out onto the pool’s edge. Well done, Rosie!

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