Clever African Grey Parrot Can Use Toilet On Command

Skylar was trained to poop in the loo when she was still a baby parrot.

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Parrot potty time.
John Virata

As a child, Pauline Guthrie always wanted an African Grey parrot. When she got into her 30s, her dream came true when she bought Skylar from a pet shop in Scotland. Guthrie, however, didn’t just want an ordinary parrot.

She set about training the bird to poop in the toilet, or “loo” as the toilet is called in Scotland, and her successful efforts can be seen in a YouTube clip posted by Viral Videos. It shows Skylar letting loose a “jobby,” or poop, as she sits on Guthrie’s arm above the toilet.

Skyler gets a biscuit after she poops in the toilet. Screengrab via YouTube/Viral Videos

Skyler gets a biscuit after she poops in the toilet. Via Viral Videos/YouTube

“I got Skylar when she was just 12 weeks old and toilet trained her when she was a baby,” Guthrie says in the YouTube video. “It was easy to do using treats. She learned how to do it in just a few hours and when she goes she’ll usually say ‘I’m a clever girl Mummy’ afterwards.”

The next clip shows Skylar walking on the toilet as Guthrie coaxes her to drop another jobby. “Do a wee jobby,” Guthrie says to Skylar. And she does, getting praise from Guthrie in the form of a biscuit. After, of course, she wipes her bum.

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