Cleaning Tips for Sugar Glider Cages

Create a cage maintenance schedule to provide a healthy home for sugar gliders.

Sugar glider cage bottoms collect debris from the sugar glider’s activity above. Use cage liners designed for birdcages or paper towels. Do not use newspaper or magazine paper due to the harmful dyes and chemicals they may contain.

Replace liners daily or several times a week depending on your sugar glider’s activity and how much mess it makes. 

Clean walls and floors near the cage daily. Clean food and water containers every day to prevent bacteria accumulation. 

Remove soiled bedding from nest boxes and pouches at least once a week. You can use mild cleansers that are labeled safe for pets or a cleaning solution of 25 percent bleach to 75 percent water. Be certain all items are rinsed and dried completely before putting the items back in the cage.

Perform a complete cage and accessory scrub down at least once a month to remove urine, scent-marking odors and food debris that may have accumulated on cage bars. 

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