Cleaning a Dog’s Previous Accident Areas

Discover the best way to clean up a potty accident to prevent reoccurrence.

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Dogs have olfactory senses thousands of times greater than those of humans. For example, when you think you’ve done a good job cleaning up an accident, your dog will continue to smell urine or feces long after the cleanup process.

The scent of urine and feces stimulates the dog to relieve himself, which is why dogs will use the same relief area over and over. Thus, to prevent an accident from recurring, the cleanup must include the removal of the scents associated with it.

Male dogs in particular are prone to urinating and defecating in areas that carry the scent of previous eliminations from either themselves or other dogs. It is their way of marking a territory. Some females are frequent markers also and will maintain the habit throughout their lives.

Hard surfaces such as tile and hardwood floors are easily cleaned and deodorized by soaking up the urine or picking up the feces with paper towels. Use a soapy solution of warm water and a cleanser to wipe the area clean. Rinse and let dry. When the area is dry, apply any one of several commercial products designed to deodorize pet-accident areas. Some can be purchased in spray form, which makes the process even easier.

Cleaning up a carpeted area is basically the same except that it will be necessary to blot up the urine with paper towels before scrubbing. Simply place several layers of paper towels over the spot and press down (or even stand on them). This will force the urine up into the towels. Repeat with fresh towels until the area is almost dry. Next, use the soapy warm water as before. Rinse well and towel dry again. Wait until the area is completely dry before applying a deodorizer. For repeat offenses, you may have to have the carpet shampooed thoroughly and use a wet vacuum to clean the carpet really well.

In the case of feces on carpet, remove the stool, then scrub the area thoroughly with warm soapy water. Use paper towels to soak up the scrubbing water. Rinse well and towel dry. When the area is completely dry, apply a deodorizer.

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