Classroom Presentation Tips

When teaching a classroom about parrots, follow these presentation tips.

You have found your students — what are you going to tell them? When planning your presentation on parrots and pet birds, follow these tips:

1) Keep the age of the students in mind. Don’t walk into a high school biology class with coloring pages and Crayons®. Likewise, kindergartners will hardly benefit from a serious lecture.

2) Incorporate your parrots, visual aids and your own enthusiasm to spark interests. If they are interested in what they are seeing and hearing, they will have an appreciation and respect for aviculture even if they do not aspire to be an active part of it. There could be a future aviculturist in the group, though!

3) Encourage interaction. Ask thought-provoking questions rather than yes/no questions. Ask a group of elementary students why birds do not have teeth, or what do birds eat? Their answers might amaze you. Extrapolate on their thoughts and stories. If a first grader wants to tell a short story about a baby sparrow that was recently found in her front yard, let her tell it. Then use her story to make a point and teach a lesson.

4) Connect distant situations to familiar ones. For example, if the topic of deforestation and how it affects parrots comes up when talking with a group of teenagers, relate it to the destruction of a forest fire or a new development clearing in their town to help them understand the devastation.

5) Come to class prepared with educational materials, such as books and magazines and more for your students.

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