10 Classic Dog And Cat Videos To Celebrate YouTube’s 10th Birthday

In honor of YouTube's 10th birthday, here are 10 of the best dog and cat videos of all time.

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Happy birthday, YouTube!
Chrissa Hardy

It’s hard to believe we’ve only been sharing YouTube videos of cats and dogs being their silly selves for a mere decade. But May marks the social media platform’s 10th birthday, and it’s certainly a milestone worth celebrating.

Where would we be without seeing the surprised kitten or the guilty dog who smiles? Think of the lives brightened and workdays improved by these simple and strange animal antics caught on camera.

In honor of YouTube turning 10, we’re looking back at some of the best viral videos featuring dogs and cats. Here’s to another decade of brightening each other’s lives through the odd behaviors of our pets.

1. Stains And The Cupcakes
No living creature should be forced to show restraint when a plate of cupcakes is placed in front of them. Oh, Stains. You’re creepy willpower eyes are truly inspiring.

2. Surprised Kitten
It starts with a tickle and ends with a mimic. This kitten gets tickled by its owner and then copies the owner’s hands with splayed paws and a surprised face. It’s endlessly perfect.

3. The Ultimate Dog Tease
This dog is devastated when he realizes the bacon his owner is talking about is not for him. Hey, we would be pretty upset, too, if we thought we were going to get some delicious bacon and then find out someone else ate it.

4. Stalking Cat
When you think about cats eventually overthrowing humankind to run the world, you imagine it starting just like this…

5. Guilty Dog
Someone broke into the cat treats, and this pet owner gets to the bottom of it by questioning his dogs one at a time. Who cracks? Denver.

6. Keyboard Cat
OK, this is odd, catchy and just spectacular. So many parodies followed, but the original deserves a spot in the YouTube Hall of Fame, if that ever becomes a thing.

7. Skateboarding Dog
Why do English Bulldogs love skateboarding? We’re sure not all of them do, but it does seem to be a breed-specific talent, and nobody does it better than Tillman the dog.

8. Barking Cat
Apparently cats can bark. We’re not supposed to know this, which is why this cat quickly goes back to meowing once it realizes a human has entered the room.

9. Home Alone Dog
When his owner is away, this dog will play.

10. Patty-cake Cats
What’s better than a video of cats playing patty-cake? Cats playing patty-cake with human voiceovers.

And here’s one more video for good luck. It’s not of a real cat, but it’s certainly one of the most iconic videos of the decade.

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