Cichlid Forum Articles

Cichlids are some of the most beatiful freshwater fish. FishChannel has a variety of article on this wonderful fish family, from how to care for and breed them to how to setup a system to house them.


Aggressive Texas Cichlid
How can I stop my male Texas cichlid from being aggressive towards my female cichlid?

Angelfish Fry
How long can angelfish fry be left with adult angelfish?

Angelfish Tankmates
What other fish can I keep with angelfish?

Apistogramma trifasciata Cichlid
Keeping Apistogramma trifasciata cichlids.

Brichardi Fairy Cichlid
Tips for spawning and raising the brichardi fairy cichlid.

Cichlids and Swordtails
Which cichlid species can I keep with my red brick swordtails?

Jewel Cichlids
Choosing colorful jewel cichlids.

Feeding Large Cichlids
What can I feed my large cichlids?

Raising Green Terror Fry
How do you raise green terror fry?

Reduce Fishkeeping Costs
How to reduce the cost of the fishkeeping hobby.