Christmas Catnip Star

Make this Christmas ornament that your cat can enjoy.

If you’d like to put up a Christmas tree for the whole family, including the cats, why not add some ornaments that are made for batting around? Try this catnip star craft for a tree-trimming that will put the Christmas spirit in all kitties this season.

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Catnip Star
Red and green felt squares (each square makes two stars)
Ribbon or yarn.
Needle and thread (or sewing machine)
Dried Catnip
Star Pattern
Straight pins

Step 1. Cut out star pattern and pin to two layers of felt. Cut out pattern
Step 2. Take a 8” piece or ribbon or yarn, fold in half, and pin in-between two pieces of felt at one of the star points.
Step 3. On a machine or by hand, sew the two pieces of felt together, leaving one “V” open. I like the look of a slipstitch, but you can use any type of stitch you want.
Step 4. Stuff star full of catnip, making sure you can close “V” to sew-up.
Step 5. Sew up opening to complete ornament.
Place a nice piece of fleece as a tree skirt, or use your kitty’s favorite blanket and finish off with a sprinkle of dried catnip.
Would you create a Catmas Tree in your home? Let us know what yours would look like.

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