Choosing a Veterinary Herbalist

Finding a veterinarian experienced with herbal therapy is crucial in treating your dog with this method.

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The study of herbs can take a lifetime. A veterinarian who dispenses herbs should be able to provide some evidence of background and continuing education in the field. The International Veterinary Acupuncture Society offers a continuing education course for traditional Chinese veterinary herbal therapy. There are some courses in Western herbal medicine, and veterinarians can also take a human herbal course and then adapt the information to the veterinary field.

Look for a veterinarian who has been using herbs for a while and has learned the little tricks of how to administer them as well as what to use to treat particular conditions. An herbal practitioner also should know herbs well enough to be able to explain their uses and benefits at length. Ask whether the veterinarian always treats a certain disease the same way. Good herbal practitioners adapt their treatments to each individual animal.

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