Choosing A Pet Rat

Signs of healthy rat and the different color varieties available.

Choose A Healthy Pet Rat
Several good sources offer pet rats. Rats are available through pet stores, local breeders and local rescue centers. Some veterinarians know of rats for adoption.

A healthy rat has bright clear eyes, good thick fur (except for hairless rats), and no nasal discharge. Red flags include puffed up fur, swelling around the face or neck, drainage around eyes or nose, sores, noisy breathing, sneezing, a foul smell from ears or mouth, or scabs on the body.

Rat Varieties & Colors
There are six different varieties of rats:

  • Standard
  • Rex
  • Tailless
  • Hairless
  • Satin
  • Dumbo

Thirty-three colors are recognized by the American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association, including beige, black, blue, blue-beige, champagne, chocolate, cocoa, lilac, mink, platinum, Russian blue, Russian dove, sky blue, black-eyed white and pink-eyed white.

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