Choosing a DSLR Camera

Bonus content from the April 2010 FAMA magazine article Capture Your Reef in Photos.

If you’ve considered buying a digital SLR camera, the first thing that hits you is that they’re expensive. The second thing is that you don’t want to make a mistake with your purchase. What to do?

The main thing to keep in mind is that you’re not buying a camera so much as a camera system, and the most important part of that system are the lenses. Your camera is a device that captures what the lenses deliver. If the lenses deliver quality images, you’ll get good photos. If not . . . In other words, buy a brand that will connect you with a line of quality lenses. Over time, you’ll replace the camera much more than you’ll replace lenses. They’re the true investment in this venture.

You can’t go wrong with Canon (my preference) or Nikon. The other established and known brands might meet your needs, but do some research.

When you’re ready to buy a body, hold each of the bodies that interest you. Each body has a different size and feel. If you have small hands and the body is too big and heavy, it will be uncomfortable and you will not enjoy using it. If you have big hands and fingers, a small body might prove very difficult to control because your big fingers are constantly hitting more than one button at a time. Regardless of the body size, the controls need to be intuitive.

If you don’t have friends who will let you try their cameras, consider renting cameras to determine which one you like. Take your time, do some research, and you’ll end up with a camera that will make it fun to create photos of your reef, family and travels.

Want to read the full story? Pick up the April 2010 issue of Freshwater And Marine Aquarium.

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