Chloe Watches Cat TV

Cats seem to enjoy watching their own kind on television.

Saturday evening there wasn’t a lot on TV, so I started channel surfing. I got to Animal Planet, and had to stop. “Cats 101” had new episodes! 

I had seen the initial episode of “Cats 101” and enjoyed it but hadn’t seen any episodes after that first one. Apparently, several more episodes had now been prepared and were being aired.

This episode featured the Ocicat, a beautiful wild-looking feline. Chloe surprised me by running the length of the bed to right in front of the TV. She sat facing the screen and watched until the feature on the Ocicat was finished. 

Chloe occasionally watches TV when there is action on the screen, but I have never seen her transfixed like this before. I’m not sure how our cats see the images, but Chloe obviously saw something that attracted her interest.

I was also interested and watched two episodes in a row. The show profiles different breeds of cats, citing their health problems, temperament and grooming needs.  If you are considering adopting a cat, this show is very helpful in narrowing down the best cat for your particular household.

I learned several new facts about cats. too. For example, there are only 123 Havana Browns registered in the U.S. and they are the only cats with brown whiskers. Selkirk Rexes have curly coats and curly whiskers.  And if you are allergic to cats, you may be able to lie with a Siberian.

After two hours, Chloe and I fell asleep dreaming of cats. Do your kitties ever watch TV?  If so, what types of programs do they enjoy?

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