Chinese Man Somehow Doesn’t Realize That His Dogs Are Really Bears

Wang Kaiyu spent two years with his "cute puppies," yet he had no idea that they weren't actual dogs.

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Pop quiz: Dog or bear? siraanamwong/iStock/Thinkstock

Take a second and think about the dumbest thing you’ve ever done. Maybe you’ve spent your adult life believing that Jimi Hendrix really says “‘Scuse me while I kiss this guy.” Maybe you always fall for that got your nose trick. Whatever it is, you’re still ahead of Wang Kaiyu.

Two years ago, reports, the Chinese man bought two puppies, raised them into adulthood, bathed them and combed their fur every single day, without realizing that his puppies are actually Asian black bears. HIS DOGS ARE REALLY BEARS, YOU GUYS.

These bears do not belong to Wang Kaiyu, but they are pretty darn cute! mb-fotos/iStock/Thinkstock

These bears, which are not the ones that belonged to Wang Kaiyu, are actually pretty darn cute! mb-fotos/iStock/Thinkstock

This world class thinker apparently wasn’t tipped off by the fact that they, you know, didn’t look or act like dogs or — according to — “sometimes caught and ate chicken.” Nope, he didn’t realize that he’d been raising two bears until he saw a wildlife protection poster that the local cops had put up. The bears, which weigh about 110 pounds each, were sent to a rescue center.

Hopefully their former owner has given up on pets, because there’s a good chance he’ll bring home a cat that looks suspiciously like a giant squid.

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