Chinchilla Has Abnormal Stool

An owner considers what may be causing a chinchilla to have abnormal stool.

Q: My chinchilla’s stool is a little wet and not solid like it normally is. I just bought him a wooden multi-colored house, and I think that is the cause of the abnormal stool. Right now I’m feeding him hay and water, is there anything else I should do?

A: You may be correct that the new house may have caused this abnormal stool. Maybe there was something on the house or in the wood that caused an upset gastrointestinal tract in your chinchilla. Chinchillas love to chew on things, so the house may be the cause of the problem. You may want to remove the house and see if your chinchilla gets better. Make sure your chinchilla is eating well and drinking well. You may also want to monitor its weight. Chinchilla’s cannot afford to lose much weight or become dehydrated due to their very fast metabolism. If your chinchilla’s stool does not improve quickly, visit your chinchilla’s veterinarian.

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