Chinchilla Dental Care

Follow these tips to keep your pet chinchilla’s teeth in top condition

Caring for your chinchilla’s teeth is important to your pet’s health. Chinchilla teeth are hypsodontic, which means they grow constantly throughout the animal’s life. Continual tooth growth is a trait shared by all rodents.

To help properly wear down your chinchilla’s teeth, feed your pet roughage like high-quality grass hay. Chew toys are also helpful. Lack of a proper diet that promotes appropriate chewing and even wear of a chinchilla’s teeth may result in dental disease.

Overgrown chinchilla teeth must be trimmed by a veterinarian. In the past, nail trimmers were used, but now the teeth are often filed with a Dremel tool, which causes less injury to the chinchilla’s teeth. Anesthesia is often used to prevent injury to the chinchilla.

Annual vet checkups are essential to recognizing problems with your chinchilla’s teeth. If dental disease develops, more frequent veterinary visits may be necessary.

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