Chicken To Receive 3D Printed Prosthetic Leg

Cecily the chicken has a slipped tendon that basically caused her leg to develop improperly, making it difficult for her to walk.

Cecily is a 3-month-old rescue chicken. When a slipped tendon wasn? repaired as a chick, it caused a lot of trouble for the chicken. Her leg grew improperly and she can? bend it around or roost. Looking at the video, it seems as though it may even be painful for her to walk.

“She can? really do anything a normal chicken can do,?Andrea Martin, Cecily? rescuer, told CBS Boston.

Instead of euthanizing Cecily, Martin and Cecily? new owner are splitting the $2500 veterinary bill to get the chicken a prosthetic leg, CBS Boston reports. The surgery will take place at the Cummings Veterinary School at Tufts University. Cecily will be sedated while a CT scan is conducted of her good leg. That image will be used to make a 3D print of her leg, then the 3D print will be attached to Cecily. Her bad leg will be amputated.

So why are Martin and Cecily? new owner doing this?

“They deserve a good life. They deserve everything. So we don? see any other option other than giving them what they need,?Martin told CBS Boston.

We? all do the same, wouldn? we?

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