Tiny Chick Loves Nothing More Than Snuggling With The Cat

A chick named Sidney finds a cozy spot to snooze under a sleepy cat's head.

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Who would volunteer to get crushed by a cat's head? This chick.
Chrissa Hardy

Aren’t cats and birds supposed to hate each other? Isn’t that the one thing we learned from childhood cartoons? (Other than the reckless determination of coyotes who are tracking road runners, of course.) Well, this pair sure doesn’t.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by TubbyTubbyTubTubs, a chick named Sidney snuggles up to a cat named Oscar. But it’s not just a simple spoon sesh. Sidney willingly burrows under sleepy Oscar’s head.

"Let me in!" Via YouTube

“Let me in!” Via TubbyTubbyTubTubs/YouTube

Oscar, on the other hand, is perfectly content to sleep on his own. But Sidney pecks at Oscar’s face to get him to lift his head up (ever so begrudgingly), so she can quickly burrow underneath.

And just when Oscar’s eyes are starting to close, Sidney decides to peck away at Oscar’s head in order to switch positions.

"Cool. This is nice. Time to catch some z's." Via YouTube

“Cool. This is nice. Time to catch some Zzz’s.” Via TubbyTubbyTubTubs/YouTube

It’s clear that Sidney is the sidekick here, with endless energy despite the tiny body, and Oscar is the muscle who’d prefer a nap over anything else.

"Nope. Not comfortable enough. Oscar, wake up!" Via YouTube

“Nope. Not comfortable enough. Oscar, wake up!” Via TubbyTubbyTubTubs/YouTube

Perfect duo indeed.

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