Chicago Honors Cat

Chicago’s Museum of Broadcast Communications names Morris the Cat a national icon.

A new icon will sweep the Windy City. He’s handsome and debonair, yes; human, no. Who is this iconic creature in question? None other than the original celebricat – 9Lives’ Morris the Cat!

This week, as part of the “A Salute to Advertising’s Greatest Icons” exhibit being held by Chicago’s Museum of Broadcast Communications, Morris will be named a national icon in the ’30-Second Stars’ category alongside advertising heroes such as Snap, Crackle & Pop (Rice Krispies), the Keebler Elves (Keebler), and McDonald’s Ronald McDonald.

Called the ‘Clark Gable of Cats’ by Hollywood; Morris got his start in the print and commercial world after being discovered by ad genius Leo Burnett while residing at Hinsdale Humane Society in Hinsdale, Ill. He most recently received a 21st Century reboot by 9Lives, placing him in the position of tech guru and pop culture phenomenon (you may recall that he was at SXSW with Grumpy Cat and Left Shark!) with his own YouTube series, and trending hashtag: #morrisapproved.

With this latest honor under his belt, who knows what Morris will do next (we’re thinking Walk of Fame star).

The “A Salute to Advertising’s Greatest Icon’s” exhibit will run from May 9 through Oct. 31 at the Chicago Museum of Broadcast Communications. The exhibit will include appearances from brand historians and representatives from advertising agencies who will discuss the creation of the showcased characters, and how they have evolved over the years.

Are you excited for Morris’ induction into icon territory?

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