Chewed Out

Understand your dog’s need to gnaw, then fix it.

When Denise W. of Massachusetts returned from an errand, she didn’t expect to find a pile of chewed-up black bits in the middle of her living room. After all, her Collie Max had been sound asleep when she left barely 30 minutes before.

On closer inspection, she realized Max had chewed his way into a CD case, breaking many of the discs. After a slew of phone calls to the vet and the task of piecing the broken CDs together, she determined not much had been swallowed. Marring her relief was a nagging question: At almost 2 years old, shouldn’t Max be past the chewing stage?

Destructive chewing can be a dog owner’s biggest headache. The frustration and expense of destroyed items, the strain on your relationship with your dog, and the danger to your pet are important reasons to control chewing from the start.

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